Tuning. Dialing It In.

We offer many tuning solutions and are ready to help you get your car to the next level, from adding new injectors to squeezing the most amount of HP out of your engine. See below for options & pricing for tuning your ride.

Base Tunes
Per Tune
Base tunes to get you started. These are a single file with rough changes that you can drive around on, but you will need to adjust your timing and fueling to your own taste.
Injector & Tuning Package
With set of 4 1000cc Injector*
Pair a new set of injectors of your choice with a Tune. Pick your desired injectors based on your needs & we will take care of getting them set up for you.
Custom Tune
Per Tune
Get the most performance out of your car with a custom tune, custom tailored to bring you the most power.

Dyno Tuning

All of our dyno tunes include both street, and dyno tuning to give you the best tune possible, maximizing fuel economy, making sure there's no little hiccups or quirks, while still delivering as much SAFE power as possible.

Any Standalone
Per Session
Any standalone
Stock PCM
Per Session
Stock PCM

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