Fueled By Matt 2003-2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4 Log Manifold Turbo Kit

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Fueled By Matt is proud to announce the release of our own SRT-4 turbo kits, starting with our log manifold kit! This manifold has already been tested and held up to the abuse of 582hp with under 30psi of boost from a Borg Warner S362 billet wheel turbocharger! Turbo options with the kits are also vast with offerings from Precision, Borg Warner even the EFR series Turbochargers! All kits will include all of the following items:
  • Stainless Steel Tubular Log Manifold (flange surfaces are steel to minimize costs)
  • Stainless Steel O2 Housing
  • Stainless Steel Wastegate Dump Tube
  • TiAL MVR 44mm V-Banded Wastegate
  • Oil Lines and fittings
  • Water Lines (EFR turbos only)
What’s even better? THE PRICE! Kits start shipping at $2235 for your Borg Warner S252/257 options! No, that’s not a Black Friday special! Well what is the Black Friday price? GOOD QUESTION! How’s starting at an insane $1899 sound!?! Fitment isn’t an issue either even with the larger S300 borg warner turbos. Absolutely no firewall massaging and plenty of clearance for the wastegate and dump tube. We’ve moved the wastegate from the normal location between cylinders 1 and 2 and put it right below the turbocharger for better boost control and flow of exhaust gases. We’ve included pictures of the prototype unit installed in the test car with 2 different turbos. S362 and an older 50trim. Due to the custom nature of this product, please allow at least 4-8 weeks for delivery.

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