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Email Tuning is defined as a service where Fueled By Matt, LLC (herein known as ‘The Company’) creates a custom calibration for your vehicle based on the information provided by you (herein known as “The Customer”).

The Company will first request that The Customer send the original backup tune (stock calibration) from your tuning device (herein known as ‘Handheld’) as read from your vehicle. Once The Customer sends the original backup and a list of all applicable vehicle modifications, The Company will provide an initial base tune for The Customer to install onto the computer of The Customer’s vehicle. The Customer is then required to follow specific instructions on how to record the vehicle parameters set forth by The Company using the Handheld provided by The Customer.

The Customer understands that this is a service involving a DIGITAL file that’s transmitted over the internet via email services and as such, there is no warranty or liability expressed or implied by The Company should any failues occur. As well, The Customer understands that a digital file can not be returned due to the ability for a digital file to be copied over and over again and is not a tangible item that can physically be returned. The Customer acknowledges that they are asking The Company to create a custom calibration for The Customer’s vehicle that may or may not have modifications and/or parts installed that are illegal on polution controlled vehicles and that services rendered by The Company are designed for OFF ROAD USE ONLY.

The email tuning service will be provided to The Customer or agent selected by The Customer only and is not transferable. Should The Customer sell their car, the email tune service will end. The new owner of the vehicle may purchase a new email tune with us at normal price.

Furthermore, upon purchasing any email tuning services from The Company, The Customer acknowledges that The Customer has read this notice and agrees to all statements and policies herein set by The Company and agrees to not hold The Company responsible for any loss or damage of property. The Customer waives it’s right to any kind of refund or exchange once services have been rendered, regardless of the level of completion.

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