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“From my personal experience I have to say hands down Matthew Cresto was by far the best tuner and individual I have ever dealt with. I’m in Canada and I’ve called several reputable guys to remote tune for me and they were really short with answers and definately didn’t seem to interested to help because they weren’t making a whole lot of cash for their time. When I finally got a hold of Matt he was by far the most patient and detailed person I’ve ever dealt with, I’ve seriously never in my life even at my local performance shops experienced such good customer service… Over a span of a month this guy took so many phone calls, went through so many datalogs, even went as far as telling me to take pics under the hood while the car was being worked on to diagnose little hiccups that we’re going on, during this process my mother passed away and it was a difficult time for myself and the family, I took time away from the car and he was extremely compassionate towards my situation…when I was ready to get back to tuning he right away got back to it and and picked up where we left off…my car wasn’t even fully tuned and it was running better than it ever has.
With all this being said I’ve decided at the end of the season to go for my big goals because I finally found someone that knew their shit that I trusted with my car…I got the car torn down and I’ll be trusting Matt with my 2.6 stroked setup that’s going in this year…I’m in Canada and I’ll be flat bedding that shit across the country to Matt because he’s the only person I’ll trust with my car, not only is his work amazing I can tell 100% that it’s a passion and something he takes pride in with no doubt… Regardless of what the debate is I’m not saying not to go to other shops, to each their own…but to anyone that gets referred to Matt and has any questions in regards to his service and quality I hope this is reassurance that he’s most definately the best I’ve dealt with out there… And Matt feel free to shoot anyone my way if they have any questions before choosing you for your work.”
“Needed to go to a larger pump set up for my big turbo setup, I found every thing I needed on Fueled By Matt. Currently in the process of tuning with Matt and the support and customer service has been awesome, more people need to know about this!”
“Dealing with my local tuner my car was never right, worst nightmare to deal with these people and I won’t mention names, found Fueled By Matt on facebook and he recommended his custom tune to me. Everything was handled over the internet and my tune is on point, very impressed with what he was able to do in such a short amount of time. Can’t thank you enough Matt, looking forward to more great service from you.”
“Hands down the best vendor I have dealt with, you get a more personal treatment when dealing with Matt. Love my new fuel rail setup, ready to get that fuel cell built now.”

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